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Book-Flee-to-fravenThe Pullian Legacy: Flee to Fraven

A young man suddenly finds out that he has become the centre of a major manhunt by those in power. He has no idea why, but he realizes that if he is found, he will be either imprisoned or killed. This all takes place on a mythical continent of Pullian.


The Pullian Legacy: Flee to Fraven is about his fight for survival against impossible odds, but while fleeing from the authorities, he discovers there is a secret hidden place called Fraven where he feels he has a chance to escape those following him.


During his journey to find Fraven, he meets and makes new friends who help him, in particular one who becomes his main supporter, a young woman with a particular deadly talent. While on the run, he becomes more determined to survive and at the same time convinced that he must find the true reason why he has become a fugitive.

book-the-emeraldThe Pullian Legacy: The Emerald Veil

The Pullian Legacy: The Emerald Veil follows the death defying journey of Emon and Serima. They finally learn why they are fugitives, and that their enemies, who want them both dead, are relentless in their pursuit.


Better equipped and prepared to face challenges that lie ahead, Emon and Serima leave Fraven to traverse the continent of Pullian and follow the few clues left by a distant ancestor, Worn Ath. They will have to search the land to find parts of an ancient orb hidden by Worn Ath. The ancient orb pieces were hidden so well that only one person would be able to find the clues to their location—Emon.


With the ever-present threat of their enemy, will Emon and Serima find the orb pieces or will they lead their enemies to them first?

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The Pullian Legacy: Sands of the Saurnel

In Ron Boorer’s third book in his exciting adventure fantasy series, The Pullian Legacy, Emon realises he has no other option but to use the piece of the orb he has in his possession to find the next piece, but fears that by using it he will reveal his location to his enemies.


Feeling the pressure of the constant hunt for them, Emon knows they will continue in their pursuit, but with greater effort than before. Neither he nor Serima have ever encountered the heights of fear they feel now as they begin this part of their journey. They need to find the next piece of the orb and this has become more urgent. Emon is concerned there is an element of manipulation growing in the background.


Who is trying to manipulate them? What will they face around the next corner and what obstacles will they encounter? They will only find this out as they progress in their quest for the next piece of the orb.


It is still a matter of survival at all costs, but there is more at stake now than ever.

The Pullian Legacy: The Islands of Dorond

With his enemies believing he already holds the complete orb, Emon and Serima continue to search for the last remaining piece. As they close in on it, he and Serima face the reality that the last piece is in a place almost impossible to access. They will need a daring plan to obtain the last orb piece and an even greater plan to confront their enemies in their stronghold.


Can Emon and Serima hold their enemies at bay? How will they protect the orb pieces falling into the wrong hands, now and into the future?